Domain Flipping – Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

By | February 8, 2018

Domain Flipping - Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

Domain flipping has been one of the most profitable and popular online businesses that’s been existing since the start of the internet era. I’ll give you a short introduction on how it works and show you where you can get started with buying and selling domain names for profit.


What is Domain Flipping?

Many may not be aware of the term “domain flipping”, but it basically means you buy domain names and then sell them on for a profit. Similar to flipping real estate, but in this case you’re flipping domain names. Domain names are the addresses that ends with the domain extensions (.com) (.org) (.net) and so on. Buying these web addresses for a low price and selling them on for a higher price is what this is all about.

3 Ways of Making Money with Domain flipping

Broadly, there are three different ways to make money in domain flipping.

  • Traditional domain flipping – This is one of the simplest ways of domain flipping. You buy a fresh and new domain name and start to sell it almost immediately, by listing it on an auction through domain flipping websites. Writing a great sales pitch is important and will help you to convince possible buyers, that the domain name you’ve put out for sale, has potential.
  • Modern domain flipping – This way needs more of an effort put in to it. You need to get a niche specific domain, work on it, get backlinks, increase the organic traffic, and promote the site through social media and other ways to make the website popular, and then you sell it for maximum returns. This will be both time and effort-consuming, but if you get good returns it will be worth it in the end.
  • Domain parking – This could be for expired domains, or for domains that gets lots of direct traffic. Usually this traffic comes because of mistyping a well-known website. As an example, if you buy the domain, you will get a lot of traffic because some people type yaho instead of yahoo. If, you put some advertisements (like googleadsense) on that domain you could draw some good revenue from it. The most known websites for domain parking are Sedo and Godaddy.


What to Consider when Buying a Domain Name?

  • As most one-word domain names are already taken, it might be worth finding popular phrases or adding a good keyword to the domain you had thought of.
  • Choosing a niche that makes money is important, as that is usually why people are buying domain names in the first place.
  • Using local domain names in front of a service or something may be a good idea. It may narrow down the traffic quite a bit, but the chance of finding an available domain increases.
  • Future potential of the domain is definitely worth thinking about if you think you know what will become popular in the near future. Then you sell it when it reaches the peak of popularity.
  • Current hype –  you could buy a domain during a hype and hope to sell them it on at a higher price as quick as possible before the hype fades.
  • Date names – buying domain names based on a future event that will take place. As the date gets closer, you’ll have a chance to cash in.
  • Avoid trademarks – From a legal standpoint, you need to remember to be careful when buying domains. If, you choose a domain that is too close to a trademark name, you could end up with a lawsuit against you, and it could force you to give the name away for free. In general, it’s a good idea to avoid buying domain names that are close to a trademark name.

Where to Buy Domains?

Domain names can be bought from a trusted domain registrar at sites like GoDaddy, Sedo, Namecheap, etc. All these sites have a search box where you can type in the domain name you want, to see if it’s available or not. If the domain name is brand new, it will cost around $10-15 per year to buy it.

If, want to buy a domain name that has already been registered, you can try to find the owner and ask if they want to sell it to you. Marketplaces like GoDaddy have an auction site for owners of domain names, that can list their domains for sale. Also, many domain names expires if for some reason, the owners forget to renew them, overlook them, or if they no longer needs them. These domains can be bought when the domain expires, as they then become available to buy. This might be a very good option if you can find something you think could be valuable in the future.


Domain Flipping

How and Where do I Sell Domains?

Now that you have bought a domain name, you’ll need to put it out for sale. People aren’t gonna suddenly start emailing you, offering millions of dollars for the domain you’re in possession of, just because you just bought that domain name, . You have to let the possible buyers know that you have it for sale, and explain them how it could benefit them having that particular domain name.

  • Parking the domain name is a way of letting the people that visit your domain know it is up for sale. A page with sales info and a few ads is usually shown, and you’ll make a few cents from the ads displayed for views.
  • Contacting potential buyers is probably the best way of letting people know you have a good available domain name that they can buy. You could email the marketing teams of the potential buyers and explain them the benefits they could get from buying your domain name. Maybe you’ve just given them an idea that they’d never had thought about themselves, which could be profitable for both parts.
  • Wait for people to contact you. When you buy a domain name you can choose if you want a service called Domain Privacy (few dollars extra a year). If you don’t want it, anyone can look up the name of the domain owner in the ICANN WHOIS Database. So, if someone is interested in any of your domain names, they could look you up and write you an email telling you their interested in buying the domain.
  • Auction – There are numerous sites that have auctions where people can buy domain names. Just because you thought of the domain before they did, doesn’t mean they won’t buy it when they see it on auction. It’s possible to make quite a lot of money just because you were creative and thought of a domain name that they did not think of.

Here’s some good sites where you can put your domain names on auction:





Usually, these sites takes about 20-30% of the sale. The reason they take so much is because it’s hard to find an audience that is actively interested in buying and selling domain names.


It is definitely possible to earn quite a good amount of money on this, if you know what you’re doing. At first, it’s a good idea to just take some time to learn about the whole process and get the hang of it.

Some people actually do make a living out of buying and selling their domain names for profit, and it is definitely fun to try to discover the hidden gems that could potentially make you a lot of money.

Feel free to check out some other ways to make money online.

If you have any questions, comments or something you want to share, then you can leave it in the comment section below.




2 thoughts on “Domain Flipping – Buying and Selling Domain Names for Profit

  1. Kevin

    I know some people are out there parking domain names in order to sell them, but didn’t realize it was called domain flipping. I wonder if they actually make money since I’ve seen some domain for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. I also didn’t realize there there were domain auctions out there. I’ll have to check it out sometime. Thanks for the information!

    1. John Post author

      Hi Kevin. If you’re interested in getting started with domain flipping, it’s worth checking out some of the auction sites, just to see how it works. The concept of this probably seems a bit simpler than it is, but it is definitely possible to make good money on this. Thanks for commenting!


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