This Website Will Help You Gain Some Invaluable Skills That You Can Use To Make REAL Money Online

This recommendation is purely based on my own personal experience from having been a member on this site for almost a year, and nothing else. I’d never recommend anything that I didn’t know for sure was legitimate. It’s important to note that this is not a “quick solution” type of thing, but the things you’ll learn inside Wealthy Affiliate (SEO & Keyword research, content writing, social media marketing, WordPress, etc) can be used to make real money online, in lots of different ways.

As I’m quite sceptical about anything regarding making money online after trying lots of different ways (fell for some scams) of making money online, I was the same when I first stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate. Having read a few reviews about them, it seemed that the intention of joining the site was to learn about online marketing. I decided to give them a chance, most of all because I was given the chance to make a starter account and try it out for free. Now, a year later, I’ve started to make a passive income consistently every month, after putting to use what I’ve learned at WA.




Here’s some of what Wealthy Affiliate has got to offer:

When signing up as a free member, they give you access to the first course (of 5) of the training, which has 10 lessons:


Wealthy Affiliate - Free Member


This course is made for you to get familiarized with the concept of affiliate marketing. As you go through level 1 of the training, there are several action-based items that are required to complete.

In addition to the tutorials, you can also learn from bootcamps, video classes or from other members. The supportive community on WA is probably what I like best about this platform, as you’re able to interact with all the members, share experiences, ask questions and get help from people any time you’d like. Within WA there are thousands of people that have had a various range of success, and 99% of them are actually willing to share of their experiences and give advise on how to run a successful online business.

Success won’t come straight away though, you’ll need to work hard for it, but if you’re willing to do so, I don’t think there is any better platform out there than Wealthy Affiliate.

The Tools

Wealthy Affiliate also has several important and useful tools that you’ll need to get started with running your business:

  • The Jaaxy Keyword Tool – This tool gives you the chance to learn about what people are searching for in Google. To get an audience for your website, you’ll need to understand peoples search behavior, and the Jaaxy keyword tool is invaluable in that regard.
  • Site Builder (SiteRubix) – This tool helps you build your wordpress website in just a few minutes. The SiteRubix tool has a 4 step system where you choose what kind of website you want (free domain or on a bought domain), the name of your website, the look you want for your website, and then its ready to install wordpress (takes about a minute).
  • Site Hosting – Wealthy affiliate also has fast and reliable hosting, which means you won’t have to deal with the hassle of having your sites hosted somewhere else. Starter members gets 2 free domain websites, while Premium members can get hosting for up to 25 free domain websites ( and 25 on their own domains. With WA hosting you’ll get hosting on WordPress optimized servers, 24/7 website monitoring and support, email & forwards, Site Health analyzing, daily backups and basically the most secure hosting around.
  • Site Domains – Your also able to buy domains inside WA, using WA Site Domains, which is very competitive in regards to the features that comes along with the purchase of a domain.

All the website tools easily integrates with each other, which makes it very easy for you to use them. You’re also provided with single click login, for easy access to your sites.

Wealthy Affiliate - Free Membership

The Support

The support you’ll get inside WA is nothing but awesome, and it doesn’t matter which level you find yourself at, as there’s a support channel available for everyone.

SiteSupport – If you experience any technical difficulties, SiteSupport are there 24/7, and you’ll get help within minutes.

Live Chat – In the Live Chat you get the chance to interact with fellow members, get instant answers for any question you might have, personal help and coaching. I was actually surprised how helpful people were, whenever I needed some help during my first few months.

Private Messaging – For a more personal 1 on 1 experience, you’re also allowed to contact any WA-member privately by using private messaging.

Site Feedback and Comments – Site Feedback gives you the chance to get feedback on your site from other WA-members. This is very useful as you get to know what people like and don’t like about your site, meaning you’ll know better what to improve. You can also request for comments on your site, which will help you rank better in search engines. WA uses a pay it forward system, meaning if you give feedback or comment on 2 sites, you’ll get 1 feedback or comment request in return. Starting from October 2018, you’ll get the chance to become a certified commenter, and start to earn revenue (.50 cents per comment as a CC) by offering comments on other people’s websites.

Training Classrooms – The classrooms inside WA are similar to forums, where you can ask any question, and someone from the community is likely to provide an answer for you. You can also search for and find previously asked questions and answers.


Conclusion – Try It Out For Free and See For Yourself

To sum things up, the Wealthy Affiliate platform is one of a kind when it comes learning about how to start up your own successful online business. Again, it’s important to understand that WA is -not- a get-rich-quick scheme. It is going to take time, a lot of dedication and hard work to build a successful online business, but there’s no better place to learn it than with Wealthy Affiliate. If you decide to sign up, I would advise you to start out with the training and follow it lesson by lesson, engage with other members, and check out the live training classes and videos (as a premium), where you’ll get hours of invaluable information. And, like I mentioned earlier, you can put to use the stuff you learn inside WA, and make money in a variety of ways.

I’ve never regretted my decision to sign up as a premium member, and now I know for sure that the training works, as I’ve actually started to make a decent amount of money every month by putting to use some of what I’ve learned inside WA, and I’ve seen countless of other members being successful with their businesses by following the same trainings. By signing up for the starter account (using the button below), you’ll get the chance to try it out for free. Once you’ve signed up through my link, you’ll be able to ask me questions (either through my profile or by using Private Message), and I will do my very best to help pointing you in the right direction, plus give you some feedback and some tips that will hopefully help you succeed as quick as possible.