What is Rev.com? How To Make Money Transcribing Audio At Home?

By | November 15, 2018

What Is Rev.com ?

Are you a fast typer and a detail-oriented type of person with good English-skills? If so, you have got the possibility to start making money transcribing audio from your own home, at rev.com. Transcription has been a popular work-from-home opportunity for those that are seeking a flexible schedule for a long time, and it still is. Rev is a company that hires new transcribers (see – what is rev.com – for more) without much experience, and having worked for a short time for Rev, I’ll share some of my experiences, and show you what it takes and how you can get started transcribing.


What is Rev.com?

Rev was founded in 2010, and are an American company, based in San Francisco. In addition to providing audio transcription services for companies, they also provide captions and foreign subtitles for videos, and translation of websites and documents.

This means that you as a freelancer are offered job opportunities as a translator, captioner or transcriptionist. Personally, I’ve only worked for a short period of time as an audio transcriptionist for Rev, but I’ll give you the basics of what the other opportunities is all about as well, and how to get started.


Who Can Work For Rev & What Do I Need?

As I mentioned initially, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the English language, be able to convert spoken English audio into written documents, and / or be able to add captions to videos, and / or be able to translate documents/texts into another language.

To be able to do this job at the required standard you’ll need a computer with functioning speakers/headphones, and an internet connection. Being a fast typer is also definitely a huge advantage, and if you’re a patient person with a good eye/ear for details you’re also more likely to do well in this job as some of the videos and audio files can be a bit hard to understand at first, and you’ll might have to listen to them a few times before you understand what is said.

Rev accepts applicants from all countries worldwide, but you need to be able to open a PayPal-account to get paid.

As Rev hires new and inexperienced transcribers, you only need to finish a screening test and become accepted, before you’re able to get started working.


The Application Test


The first thing you’ll need to do is to fill out your name and email on your application, and then you’ll have to take a short grammar test and a transcription test. If you get your application approved, you’ll shortly after receive an email that lets you know when you can start working. If you are approved, there is a short training course that you will be taken to, to help you get familiar with the Online Transcription Editor, and to help you practice your skills, and then you are ready to work and to start earning some money.



The captions test will take approximately one hour to complete, and is similar to the transcription test, but here you’ll have to add captions in the right place, as well as transcribing. There are three caption tests that you’ll need to complete, and once your first video test have been accepted, you’ll have two more vids to caption. You’ll hear from Rev a short time after you’ve completed the tests, whether they’ve accepted you or not.


If you want to start to work with translating subtitles for Rev, you’ll have to submit an English writing sample and your subtitling resume. You may not be able to apply for available subtitle positions at all times as Rev often reports that they’ve got a lot of applications, and you’ll just have to check back later for a possible opening.


When applying for the translator-position, you’ll need to fill out a resume with details about your translation experience. You should be aware that the response time may be slow, depending on the current recruiting needs.


Rev.com Pay

How much you’ll get paid will depend on the work you do. For transcriptionists and captioners, the rate will range from about $0.40 – 0.75 per video or audio-minute. It’s important to note that a 10 minutes project that pays $0.40 minute per minute will earn you $4, however you’ll spend much longer than 10 minutes to complete that project.

From my own experience, you’ll improve your speed quite much once you’ve started transcribing and gained more experience, and you should be able to earn about $7-14 per hour after having transcribed for some time. You should also keep in mind that there’s a lot of things that will have an impact on the pay, such as picking the right job/project and learning how to properly use the tools that are available in the editor, as well as typing speed.

Rev has weekly payouts, and every Monday you’ll receive the money for all the work you have completed to your PayPal-account.


Rookie, Revver & Revver+

Rev has three levels of captioners and transcriptionists:

Rookie – Rookie is the newcomer level. The pay for a rookie is 25% lower than what Revver’s earn. The first 60 minutes of work as a rookie be reviewed by and graded by a team, and they will decide if it’s customer ready or not. Once you’ve completed 60 mins of work that meets the required standards, you’ll get promoted to Reverr-status.

Reverr – On this level you’ll earn 25% more than the rookies, and you will also be able to select the work that you want. To be able to advance from this level to the next one you’ll need to complete 1200 minutes of transcription / capture with on-time submission and accuracy.

Reverr+ – On this level you’ll gain early access to new projects. You can also take a grading test, which can make you eligible to get paid for rating work that other transcriptionists have done. I never made it to this level myself, but there is definitely some huge benefits being at the Rever+ level since you’ve got first access to all the jobs listed, and you get to choose the files that are easier to transcribe which will improve the speed a lot.

Rookie, Reverr and Revver+

Rev will grade your work (from 1-5, where 5 is excellent) based on two categories:

Accuracy – The correct transcription of the words and who said them.
Formatting – How readable your text is and how you are “placing” the words in the text.

The accuracy and formatting score you are expected to maintain on the rookie and Reverr level are 4.5, with a commitment ratio of 8 and a 75% on-time submission. For Rever+, the expected rating is 4.6 for formatting and accuracy with a commitment ratio of 15, and a 90% on-time submission.


Help & Support

If you need any help with anything, Rev provides tutorials, guides, and “practice” jobs in their resources section. There is also a FAQ section where you can read the provided answers for the most asked questions. If the answer for what you’re not looking for is not there, you can submit a ticket and you’ll get help very soon.

You can also use the forum for finding and getting the information you need, as there usually is other freelancers there that can help you.


Is Working For Rev.com Worth it? – My Experience

Having worked for a short period of time for Rev I can say that it is legit and not a scam, and you will get paid there. However, the pay is quite low compared to many other work-from-home jobs as you probably won’t make a -lot- of money there, and you should only consider this as an alternative way of making some money in your spare time and not as your main source of income.

You might find that there is limited work availability from time to time which can be quite frustrating, and some of the jobs that are available has got some terrible low-quality audio, which can make the transcription process extremely frustrating.

On the other hand, Rev is a great place to start with transcribing and the things and skills you’ll learn can be used for other more lucrative transcription opportunities in the future.

Personally, I found that transcribing audio wasn’t for me as I’m not really a fast typer, or the most patient type of person, but I did manage to gain some speed after a while and I did make a few bucks there so if you’re brand new to transcription, I’d recommend it. You can also try signing up for the other opportunities that Rev offers by using the links provided under the “application test”-section.


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​Have you got any experience working for Rev.com or is there anything you’d like to share then feel free to drop a comment in the comment section below.


4 thoughts on “What is Rev.com? How To Make Money Transcribing Audio At Home?

  1. Drian Baker


    Thanks for this information. It’s my first time hearing about this rev site. Nice review. This job can work for college students. Just like you said, it would work well for people who want some extra income in their spare time. I could definitely check out rev, explore the options.

    Are there other payment options aside from paypal?

    Well done.

    1. John


      Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, you can only receive payouts via PayPal. 

  2. Che

    Hi there. 

    I haven’t heard about Rev .com before. After reading your review, I can see that this is a good opportunity to earn money online. The compensation is not that attractive but for someone who really need quick cash or a earning supplements , then this is a good opportunity. 

    I can see this is one of the legit way to earn money online and I’m glad I came across to your website. Thank you also for sharing your genuine experience inside the Rev. com. I believe I’ll also become frustrated if the the opportunity is very limited inside the platform. 

    Thanks again and I’m looking forward to more of your valuable post. 

    Best regards, 


    1. John

      Hi Che, 

      Thanks for your comment. Since the payouts are on a weekly schedule, it is indeed a good way of earning some quick cash. 


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